Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meeting Master Jessie

Years ago Mistress Teresa worked at one of those nation wide,big chain stores that sold health supplements,steriod supplements,body builder powders,etc,etc.I am sure you know which I am talking about,anyways,this was at the time that Mistress was just barely "training" me,it was actually just a fantasy "bed time" thing,she would stroke,torture and tease my ltitle cockette abd baby balls,forcing huge amounts of pre spooty to pour out as she talked about all sorts of things,including this one man that she worked with,names Jessie,telling me how well built he was,and how hot looking,and how Manly he was,and so on,I could tell by the way Mistress talked about him she had the hots for him and most likely fantasized about having sex with him!
She would go on and on about how hot she would find it to watch this He Man abuse and manhandle me then froce me to watch as this real macho man used her as a slut,etc,Mistress brought up this man several times during this period,i even thought for a little while she may have been cheating on me with him,but she has always confessed to me when she had sex with someone while she was with me,so this man wouldnt be any different.
anyways,as i went about my daily chores,Mistress came home from whatever she had been doing that day,she had left early in the AM,and came back in the mid afternoon,i was busy dusting and vacuuming,i of course was naked,except for my chastity,and my humiliating little girly blue slippers and apron Mistress demanded i wear while doing chores that day,so Mistress came in,i immediately stopped my chores,pranced to the door,knelt and greeted her properly,after kissing her pretty little feet,.Ma'am turned,and bent slightly,offering me her glorious and work of art ass to kiss hello and greet like a proper slut,Mistress was wearing tight shorts that day,and i could tell she must have either been working out,or walking for a while,because as soon as my nose went between those gorgeous cheeks of hers,i could smell the sweat and scent of a hard days work,i quickly inhaled,taking in her beautiful scent,then kissed each cheek,hoping that Mistress would be in one of those moods where she demanded oral cleaning of her tight rosebud immediately when comnig home,by lowering her tight shorts and panties,and bending further,allowing her house boi to smell lick and clean her tight pretty little rose bud of an asshole,but today was not one of those days,after inhaling her scent and kissing each cheek,then pushing my face deep into her butt crack,Mistress just walked away leaving me feeling empty and useless,but it is her decision,after asking Ma'am if she required a drink or anything of her bitch,and being told no,i went to go back to my chores,Mistress went to the bathroom,again,i was hoping to hear the command to come be used as toilet paper for her glorious treasure,but again i was left with no such order.after coming out of the bathroom,Mistress went into the bedroom,then reappeared after about 15 minutes,Ma'am had changed into her robe,and ordered me to stop my chores,--"ok cunt,enough of that for now,get your fagot ass into the bathroom,Mistress has alot to get done for tonight"---my heart jumped,as I had NO idea Mistress had plans for her bitch boi that night,i quickly pranced to the bathroom,where Ma'am awaited me,she was sitting on the toilet aftr putting cover down,legs crossed,and when i entered,i quickly knelt and asked if i may be of assistance to my Goddess,giggling,Mistress replied,"you are such a good fagot,you have come so far in so little time,does my little queer even remember trying to be a man once??"stopping only to giggle and make fun of my reaction to this comment,she continued--"well cunt,inspection time,present yourself"--i quickly rose,and stood legs spread,hands on my head as Mistress ran her pretty and soft hands all over her fagot slaves body,making sure there was no sign of nasty male hair,and that her pet was clean,and that the chastity was in place correctly,and no little pre spooty was dripping or staining it,once satisfied,she ordered"--"turn cunt"--i quickly turned around,legs spread wide,only this time i bent over at the waist so Mistress could have ample view of her bois asspussy if she so wished---mistress reached out,ran her hands all over my thighs and ass cheeks,then spread my cheeks open,made a few rude and nasty comments about what a wide open pussy hole her fag now has,then ordered---"spread your own pussy lips open for me slut,that cunt of yours better be clean or its punishment douche time"giggling as she took position to inspect my asshole,i reached back and held my asscheeks apart,or pussy lips as Mistress sometimes refered to them,and felt Mistress begin to toy around the area of my opening,making me wince in humiliation,knowing i hated this,then i felt her slip her finger just barely into my hole,which made me wince out in a bit of discomfort as Mistress did not use any type of lube,then she said---"WOW cunt boi,your pussy sure is getting opened up nicely,Mistress didnt use any type of lube and my finger tip slipped right in,what a nasty fucknig whore you are now huh bitch?"--i cried out in shame as she giggled and made fun of me,tellnig me--"its ok sweety,I told you that I was going to turn your asshole into a well used pussy,and its almost there,a few more real man cocks up there,and a couple more gallons of man seed shot into it,and Mistress will be able to stick her whole hand up that hole with NO lube"--Mistress laughed as she listened to her bitch whine and moan out in shame and humiliation,then Mistress said "good boi,your little fag hole is clean,but we still need to duoche it once before tonight,Now turn around,lick your pussy stench from my finger,then get in position for your douche"---i turned and licked ma'ams finger clean of my asshole,then i turned sideways,and bent over the tub,legs spread wide,and my asspussy high up back arched,as Mistress got my douche ready,and with no fore play,Mistress inserted the nozzle,and squirted the douche into me quickly,filling my little cavity up completely,i even whined out a bot to which i got a few quick and hard slaps to my bottom,telling me"hush up girl,you know all little girls douche themselves to make sure they are clean,now you are used to this,so stop your crying or Ma'am will give you a reason to cry understood cunt?"--all i could do was nod and say yes ma'am as she filled my asspussy with this liquid,after making me stay in this position for a while,to make sure the liquid did its job,Mistress went into the bedroom,for a few minutes,then came back,and ordered me--"ok bitch,on the potty,expel your douche,then into the shower,Mistress must get you dressed befroe you dress Mistress"--i hated having to be told to use the "potty" like a little baby,and also dreaded having to expel my "douches" while Mistress watched,its so very humiliating.but this wasnt thew first time,and I truly believe my Mistress gets off on humiliating me in this fashion,because she stands in the door way,hands on hips,with a stern look on her face,watching me the entire time,occassionally making yucky faces,or gagging noises as her pet expels his douche,some times i can even see her get a bit flushed as i am forced to do this,so i know it gets her hot,once done,and i wiped myself,Mistress ordered me into the shower,where she would not allow me to close the curtain,Ma'am forced me to shower in fornt of her,maknig sure i washed everything,including bending over and washing my asshole in such a way so that she could see everything,then ma'am ordered---"ok cunt,hand me the washcloth,and as i did,i turned to see that Mistress was holding a bottle of rubbing alcahol,i had no idea what was about to happen,but found out quickly,Mistress grabbed me,pulled me towards the end of the tub,then opened the bottle,and poured the alcahol onto and all over my little cockette and balls,tellnig me"this will make damn sure your chastity device and your little toy and baby balls are totally sanitized and clean!"--i could see the deviance in her face as the rubbing alcahol started to make my cockette and baby balls start to burn,if you have never had alcahol poured onto your balls,try it,you will see what i am talknig about,it burns,not quite like ben gay does,but it still burns,especially on baby balls that are shaved daily to make sure no nasty male hair ever grows,i started dancing around in the tub,crying and begging,as Mistress just made fun of me and laughed,she knew some thing I didnt know,that the burning only lasts a few mintues then goes away,and does not do any harm,then Mistress took the washcloth and began scrubbing,literally scrubbing hard,my balls,and chasitty device,then she scrubbed my nipples with it until they were sore,once done,Mistress ordered me out,and ordered me to stand by the tub and drip dry as she disrobed and took a shower herself,OMG my Mistress is SOOOOO very beautiful,SOOOO very sexy,she has the nicest body ever,ANY man or woman would LOVE to have this woman as their lover,i am so lucky to be the slave of this woman,and i cannot believe i was once allowed to actually have sex with this woman,she is so sexy and beautiful.once Mistress was shwoered,which kind of mad eme sad that i wasnt allowed to clean her as i sometimes am allowed,she stepped out,and ordered---"ok cunt,kneel and lick your Mistress dry,OMG,my little cltity started straining in its cage,i lvoe when Mistress demands that i lick her dry after she showers,i ran my tongue from her toes all the way up to her beautiful neck then back down,ALL over,even was allowed to dry off her pussy,and her glorious asshole and ass cheeks,naturally i started to drip like mad,gallons of pre spooty drippnig all over at our feet as my Mistress allwoed this honor of me,i licked her all over,totally dry,except for her face and hair,which she towel dried,then Mistress gave me the towel and ordered me to run it all over her to get my "yucky" saliva" off of her glorious body.
once dry,Mistress walked to the ebdroom with me at he heels,OMG what a beautiful ass Ma'am has,i cannot believe i am allowed the honor of looknig at such a work of art! once there,my heart lepped again,and i started to tear up a bit,i could see that Mistress had set out a sissy outfit for me to wear,but she decided that i was to be a fag boi for now,why ,why,why,is all i could think,mistress saw me react this way and grinned deviantly,then grabbed my hair and yanked me to my feet,and with a slap to my face and another to my caged up cockette,Mistress said---"thats right cunt,tonight you are going to be a good lil sissy servant for me and my guest,and you had better be on your best behavior cunt,because I have talked to this gentleman plenty about you,and he cannot wait to abuse and use you,he has a passion for fucknig little queers in their mouths forcably,and also taking their little asspussys hard and dry,he admitted me to he JUST adores hurting little fag bois and making them cry,and he told me,it makes him harder and hornier than hell when he beats a sissy until he cries,that watching a queer boi cry makes him hotter then anything else does!!!so he is gonig to try his best to make my little violet pansy gurl cry for him,doesnt that sound like its gonna be alot of fun??"---laughnig at me she ordered me to get my queer ass dressed,and make sure everythnig was right.i quickly dressed,in my sissy outfit,first,critchless sissy pink panties,that allowed my chastity device to hand freely,and also gave easy access to my asspussy,so humiliating,then my short,very short pink sissy dress,with humiliating little girl flowers all over them,then the garter belt,stocknig and even a garter over my left one,then my very high heels with pink ltitle flowers on them,then my hair was made up to make me look like a little girl,Mistress did it up in pig tails,and tied them back with little pink ribbons,and even put hot pink glitter barretts in my hair,now if you have read my previous posts,you know Mistress doesnt have to bother with putting my make up any more,just some little touches here and there,as she had permenent make up tatoo's to me once as a punishment when i was a naughty cunt one after drssing,i cant believe how humiliated i was standing there like this,i had been dressed as a sissy before,and used as a sissy whore by real men several times,in fornt of the woman i lvoed,but for a while now i have been training to be a faggy queer boi,limp wristed,lisping,prancing,all of it,and now Mistress put me back into panties and sissy dress,i cant believe how humiliated i felt,but then Mistress started getting dressed and commanded i help her,she wore a great looknig short black mini skirt,and tight almost see thru blackish top,with no bra or panties,tellnig me---"no use dirtying a pair of panties and bra as they wont be on long enough anyways!"---then she sat on the bed,and i helped her on with her high heeled boots,they came up to just below her knees,and she looked so damn sexy,i was then told to brush out her beautiful hair as she applied a bit of make up,Mistress didnt need to wear make up,she is a naturally beautiful woman,seriously,i am not maknig this up peopel,make up is a waste on her,she is so damn beautiful its unreal!,Mistress uses just a tiny bit and a ltitle lip stickand some times some eye shadow,but other wise,its truly not needed,when i finished doing Ma'ams hair,i was told to kneel by the bed,as all this thinking about what was going to happen has gotten mistress hot,mistress then sat on the bed in front of me,spread her beautiful legs,and demanded---"lick my cunt fagot,but so it slowly,and softly,i do NOT want my pet making my clit too sensitive,as my guest will be pounding the shit out of this treasure all night after he abuses you,so do it as you were trained cunt boi"---Mistress then leaned back a bit and relaxed as she watched her sissified little pet kneel there,lean in,kiss her treasure very softly,look up into her beautiful eyes and beg---"please Mistress Teresa,please may i lick this gorgeous treasure?"---as she ,ooked down at her pet sissy with a smile,and a tiny bit of contempt,she nodded her head and told me---"get in there little cunt and do your job"---i kissed her pussy softly,then started gently licking,up and down,all over,kissing on her pussy lips,licking her hole all the way up to her clit and back down to the tip of her glorious asshole,then back up,softly,gently and slowly,i worshipped and licked every inch,lapping down her pre cum,licknig out her juices and swallowing,my tongue lightly dancing over her tiny pretty clit,softly,gently licking all over it,around it,on it,gently licknig over and over,looknig up into my Queens eyes as i worshipped her glorious treasure and she looked down at her servant orally pleasuring her,then it came,literally,Mistress poured her juices out into my waiting mouth,i kept licking,softly and gently all over,at one point Mistress came so hard she grabbed my hair and forcably face fucked me,rubbing her juices all voer my mouth and face,not worrying about the make up,as it was tattoo'd on,mistress made her cummies all over my face,and directly into my waiting mouth commanding me to eat every dropkthen,when Ma'am was finished with my mouth,she pushed me away,walked nito the bathroom,took a wash cloth,wiped her pussy and thighs,then used a few baby wipes on her pusssy and asscheeks,tellnig me"she didnt want a real man to have to go into a pussy that a fagot queer sissy had before him!"--then she laughed and walked towards the living room,ordering me to follow,calling back to make sure i got my collar and leash as i was to kneel at the door and wait for her guest to arrive,with collar and leash in place,i quickly did as ordered,and broght them to her to attach,where she brought me to the door,looked at the clock,and said,"--well look at that cunt,almost perfect timing,he is due here in a few minutes,now kneel there,with collar displayed,and all your sissyness in view,and wait for my guest,and remember you little fagot,Mistress has already told this man he can sue you anyway he pleases,and you have been warned he likes to hurt fag bois,so you had better be on your best,BEST sissy behavior,understood cockwhore?"---i humbly replied,"yes Ma'am,may i ask"---"what cunt,what do you want?"---Mistress,who is your guest tonight,and just as the buzzer sounded,my heart jumped again,she leaned in and whispered,--"remember the Man Jessie that I worked with that made me so hot and I told you would be a great hot night if he used you in front of me???",and an evil grin washed over her face as she watched the fear wash over mine,my heart racing,my mouth dried up,oh no,oh no,oh no,is all I could think,please no,please,i know how hot this guy makes my mistress,please no,please dont so this is all that ran thru my head,NO-NO-NO---Mistress,sdhe will falll for this guy,.then what will happen to me???--oh no,oh no,please---but the only thing that came out of my cum dumpster was---oh my Mistress,oh please no"---then the tears started,and the door opened as a big,strong,well built man walked in,looking me up and down with an evil grin,he chuckled at me in contempt,then looknig at me,he grabbed Mistress,pulled her towards him,and kissed her hard and passionately on the mouth, ihear Mistress moan out in pleasure as his tongue met hers,his big man hands groping all over her as he held her tight,I could see Mistress almost melt as he forced his mouth onto his and runb his strong hands all over her,tellnig her in between kisses how hot she looked,then,as Mistress kissed back,sticking her tongue out,licking at him,standing on her tip toes,moaning in pleasure like i have never seen her do just kissing a man,i could see how hot she already was,this man held her tightly with one hand,and Mistress brought her little hand up from her side,and handed him my leash,which was atached to my collar,almost as if she was giving him a present,he ksised her harder and groped her tighter with his free hand as he took the leash,and pulled hard on it making me whine out as he pulled me around like a little puppy dog,OMG,oh no,oh please god no,oh please no--oh my--oh please no dont do this,please Mistress,dont fall in love with this man,please=---oh my god,my mind racing,i didnt mind being used and abused by all the men and sissys and other  woman Mistress brought home to humiliate or use me,because i knew Mistress loved me and cared for me,and that these people were just being used as sex toys,sure,once in a while Mistress would continue dating a certain guy,having sex with him all the time,but i have never seen her act like this because of one,Mistress was flushed,she was turning red from the hot flashes,i could see her ehart beating fast thru her tight shirt,i could tell she was on fire,i could smell her scent,and i knew my Mistress,i knew this woman better than anyone,she was hot,very HOT for this guy,and i also knew that i was in trouble,just because this guy liked abusing fag bois didnt mean he would put up with a full time sissy fag if he took Mistress as his girlfriend or possibly more,oh my---oh please no---oh god no---i trembled,i cried,i shook,for the first time,i was seriously jealous,not sexually jealous,but seriously jealous that i was about to lose the woman i adored,the woman i loved,the woman i lived for,because she finally found a real man that peaked her interest,more than just sex,and a man that actually turned her on just by showing up,oh my god,oh no---my mind raced,i actually started crying as i watched this man kiss my Mistres spassionately,and watched as she kissed back,her tongue reaching out,her hands groping him all over,his free hand groping her all over,OMG,oh please no---i cried,shook,and even quivered like a lost little school girl,and this man hadnt even said word one to me yet,hadnt even started to abuse me,or use my mistress for sex,i was lost,my mouth so dry,my heart racing,my face flush,i could feel my blood boiling,i could feel my heart racing,i was sobbing like a baby,my nose running,i was seriously shaken by this,and my mistress didnt pay one sigle bit of attention to me,as she kissed and felt up this big strong real man and he held onto my leash!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be carefull what you wish for fellow sissy's and fags!!!

Trust me fellow fag bois and sissy maids,be very carefull what you wish for!!!
Nothing got me hotter and more excited,then when Mistress Teresa and i were "playing" in bed,long before she took me and totally broke me,making me her full time slave,we would be cuddling,"playing",Mistress generously playing with my tiny cockette and baby balls,making nasty pre spooty spill from them,all over her pretty hands,and all over me and the bed as well! Nothing,would get me hotter,then when Mistress would start talking about how she was going to feminize me,make me into her sissy or fag boi,then force me to service her and boyfriends,or bring real men over to and abuse me in fornt of her,it would make sissy milk drool from her little play cockette by the gallons,fantasizing about living the rest of my life as her sissy house maid,faggy house boi,and servant,and little plaything!And Mistress enjoyed it as well,she would cum non stop as i worshipped her gorgeous treasure with my mouth as she fantasized about using and abusing me in front of real men,other females,other sissy's,and even bringing gay men home to use me as she watched and verbally humiliated me!
Well fellow fag bois and sissy gurls,its great and all fun and games when it is just a fantasy,but when your Mistress truly breaks you,I mean totally and truly humbles you,either by locking your little sissy stick up in chastity then manipulating your prostate with a dildo or her finger making you spill and drool gallons of nast sissy filth out of a soft cockette(and trust me gurls,that is a very,VERY humiliating experience,to be forced to make huge drooling messes by your Mistress probing your asshole,and your clitty is soft,you wont be able to look at Ma'am in the eyes again for a very long time!),or the first time Mistress forces you to your knees to lick and worship the cock of a real man she brought home,either her new boyfriend,or just a man that enjoys using little fag bois mouths for cumdumpsters,sure,you will be all hot and bothered thinknig abgout it,leading up to it,then the reality will sink in when Mistress opens the door and a big strong man walks in,and Mistrss hugs and kisses him in front of you,then reaches down,unzips him,and takes out that mamouth real cock and heavy sagging balls,strokes it a few times,looking directly into your eyes,then orders you to begin your duties,and give Ma'ams new boyfriend the ebst BJ he ever got or it'll be your asshole that gets used harshly,and nothing is more humbling then when this real man makes fun of you,and calls you names,tellnig you to suck his real cock like the cheap whore you are,all the while your Mistress,the lvoe of your life,is kissing him,holding him,and laughing at you!,and then the reality truly sinks in as Mistress forces your mouth onto that huge cock,and you get your first taste of real man spunk,NOT sissy seed,NOT the nasty filth Mistress has been training you with,you nasty disgusting spooty that she gave up swallowing ages ago,NO slut,now you are tasting a real mans seed,and trust me sissy,real men do not taste like us little fag bois and sissy's,they have a totally different taste and texture,well,after all,that is why your Goddess sucks his cock and swallows his seed and not yours,because his seed is much much better,and tastes more like cum then your terrible nasty spooty does!
i was thinknig about this exact thing as i was kneeling on the floor,between the legs of a man that Ma'am brought home last night,then after playing with and kissing him in front of me,making me very jealous but also very hot,then Mistress took his cock out of his pants,it wasnt a HUGE or overly thick cock,as a matter of fact,i found it to be very small and thin.and was surprised Ma'am would waste her time with such a little thingy,as i watched her pretty little hands and fingers stroke and manipulate this mans cock and little balls,making a drop of pre cum form at the head,Mistress snapped her fingers,pointed to the floor in front of this man,and ordered me to "Nurse on this mans cock like a baby bottle while they kissed and he sucked her gorgeous tits!"
i really hate being ordered to "nurse" on cocks,and Ma'am knows this,not onlybecause it is very humiliating to have this said to me in front of a real man,but also because it is a very humiliating act,to take a mans cock head into your cum dumpster and then non stop sucking motions on it while Mistress enjoys the rest of him,constantly reminding you what a little pansy you are,keeping non stop nursing motions on a cock head,swallowing every dropplette of pre cum that oozes out of it,of course Mistress will order me to fondle and tickle his man balls as i nurse,which of course makes more and more pre cum drip into my mouth,and down my throat,trust me girls,this may seem like a hot fantasy,but it is a very humiliating act,to nurse on a real mans cock and tickle his balls,as the love of your life straddles him and kisses him passionately,or he fondles her great body,all the while he is coating your mouth,tongue and throat with his pre cum!
After Mistress humiliated me enough to her satisfaction with the nursing,Mistress took this man to her bed,and ordered me to kneel outside the door,and listen to how a real man satisfies a woman,which i found only slightly odd,as Ma'am usually makes me watch a real man fuck her and have sex with her,especially if ma'am is going to perform orally on theman,she loves humiliating me by looking into my eyes as she deeps throat a big man cock,then licks her lips,or shows me her open mouth with pre cum all over her tongue,which any gurl will tell you,is VERY humiliating,when the love of your life sucks a cock in front of you,and enjoys it,swallowing his cum and making yummy noises,knowing Ma'am never does this to your pathetic little clit anymore!as i knelt the by the door,and listened to Mistress moan and groan in pleasure,hearing her tell him to eat her pusssy,lick her asshole,pount her cunt with his man meat,cum on her face,cum on her tits,etc,etc,all the while,jealous,and almost crying,listening to this man enjoy my Mistress,his grunts and moans,also hearing him say things like "yeah,suck my cock,oh yeah bitch lick my balls,",i always hated hearing men talk to my Mistress like this,especially knowing they are enjoying her,and she is enjoying them,after they both had cum,the door opened,and this man stepped out,laughing at me as he pushed his way by me,then i heard my mistress command,"he needs to piss slut,follow him th=o the bathroom and hold his cock,then lick the last few drops off the head,or allow him to shake it into your face,whatever he desires cunt!",i replied yes ma'am,and crawled in after the man,laughnig at me as i reached out,took his semi soft cock in my little faggy hand,then directed it at the toilet as a stream of piss shot out,then after the last couple squirts,i reached in to lick the drops off as ordered,but this man grabbed my hair,held my face back,took his cock,and laughed deviantly as he shook the last few drops onto my face,then slapped my in the mouth with his soft cock and shoved me away from him,returning to the bedroom,i knelt there with piss on my face,MAN piss,then got ahold of myself and crawled back to the bedroom door,where i heard Mistress order me---"ok cunt,get in here and clean us both,he must leave now,so start with him bitch!",my heart always falls when i hear my Mistress' beatiful voice order me to clean off one of her lovers after he has enjoyed her beautiful sex,i crawled onto the bed and heard him giggle deviantly and mumble some naughy names at me,and heard my goddess laugh as i started licking his cock clean of her juices,once his cock and balls were clean,i heard the order that always makes me cry,and wince in shame,---"good job cockwhore,now I believe Mistress spilled some of her cum down between his thighs and all over his muscular ass,so get that face into his ass and clean it out good boi!"---sobbing,i lower my face further,totally red in shame,as this man laughs and ridicules me,as my tongue licks out and licks his thighs,asscheeks and even his manly asshole clean of all the sweat,dirtiness,and ma'ams juices,by now i am sobbing in shame,i am totally humiliated and degraded,and when Mistress senses this,she commands me to stop,help him get dressed,then escort him to the door so he can leave,then get my pansy ass back there to clean her treasure out good---once dressed,this man looked at me in the face,as he leaned in,kissed Mistress on the mouth,gropping her glorious tits,all the while looking at me,knowing he was degrading me,then gave her another quick kiss and said---"anytime you wanna humiliate this fagot again,gimme a yell,you are one great piece of ass!"--my heart skips abeat,i wanna kick this guys ass,but i am just a sissy fag boi servant,Mistres shas the right to have sex with anyone she desires, but i hate having to listen to them talk to her like that!as i escort him to the door to leave,he laughs at me,calls me a fagot and a queer,then tells me---"have fun eating my spunk out of her cunt you pathetic queer!",and actually had the nerve to stand there and threaten to kick my fairy ass if i didnt thank him for saying that,i was flush with anger,and also shame,but i lowered my eyes and meakly said---"thank you for pleasuring my Mistress Sir,and thank you for leaving a load of man seed for me to eat!"--i could hear him laughnig the whole way out to his car,as the shame washed over my body,i crawled back to my Goddess,where she was laying on the bed,legs spread wide,--"OK fagot,get in here and eat your daily feed,"--laughing at me as i crawled onto the bed---"what a good slut you are,come on pansy gurl,eat your cream pie,clean Mistress out good,inside and out,make sure none of his seed is left in me,and btw slut,dont know if you heard while you were kneeling outside,but this man was small enough in the dick department that Mistress allowed him to enter her bottom,and he fucked my asshole nice and hard for me just like I have needed,but all my boyfriends are way to big to let up there,so you get a nice little treat tonight queer boi,you get to rim out your Queens shit hole until that is spotless as well!"--now get to it cunt!
i gotta admit,i truly LOVE licking,sucknig and cleaning Ma'ams asshole,it is a true work of art,she has the best ass on the planet,even when it is dirty i love to worship it,but nothing can humiliate a fag boi faster then to get what his heart desires,to lick his Queens asshole,and find that it tastes like another mans cum!
so,as i have said before,Mistress enjoys keeping me dressed as a faggy house boi more aften then as a sissy,but alot of times she will sissify me just to remind me that i am nothing but a sissy/fag boi servant that belongs to her,plain and simple,she will do what she pleases with her property,and what pelases her lately,is to keep me dressed,and acting like a little fairy limp wristed faggy house boi!!
Mistress gets her kicks off alot by dressing me up in tight,very tight hot pants,crawling up my ass crack,of coruse shaved legs,as i am not allwoed any male hair regardless of being as a sissy or a fag house boi,a tight cut off shirt,and little girl heels with white humiliating socks,just to make me look even sillier,she will make my hair up all femmy and faggy and some times like a little girls,with pig tails and such,then she will take me to a rest area near our town,and make me walk back and forth up and down the drive way of the rest area,and watch as men hit on me,or call me names,most of the time,they want me to climb in the car,or truck and suck them off,sometimes they take me into the rest room and bend me over the toilet and ram me good and hard,and after each time i must report back to Mistress waiting in the car and inform her as to what happened,and if they rammed my sissy cunt,then i must show her the condom,and place it into a bag she holds out,for her to humiliate me with later,then clean up,and back to walking up and down like the sptreet walking cock whore she urned me into!i still have not acquired a taste for male seed,or started to enjoy cock in my ass,and lately,Mistress likes the fact that i do not like it,she says it makes me a better whore,that she doesnt want me enjoying a mans cock up my ass or in my throat,that it is not a reward,it is soemthing to amuse her,and sometimes make her quick cash,but definately not something i am to start enjoying!which of course makes it even more humiliating now,knowing that Mistress doesnt want me to like it in my ass or in my mouth,that it is just to amuse her and make her laugh or to make her a couple extra dollars when she pimps me out,which Mistres sknows i hate,i literally break down and cry like a little baby when Mistress exclaims that she is pimping me out that night,and that i am to make sure i am a good ltitle cock whore because he paid good money to use my mouth and asspussy---i literally cry right up to the point where she drops me off at his place,or at the motel,then i am to be used the entire night and mistress isnt even there to watch,or even make it "seem" like i am being forced to do it for her,i ma just a gay fagot prostitute sucking and taking cock up my ass for money,money that i must give to my Mistress!and also must bring home the used condoms so Mistress can humiliate me by making me "chew" on my "cum gum" as she scolds me for being a nasty little cock whore and fagot!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back to the weekend without my mistress

Well before I continue,i was sorry to see NO responses to my beautiful and sexy Mistress requestiong any and all who wish to visit and play with.Oh well,you seriously have NO idea what you are missing,Mistress Teresa is gorgeous,sexy,deviant and one hell of a woman!

So,there i was,kneeling,my mouth forced open,the biggest cock ever being crammed into my sore and open mouth,gagging me,choking me,making me lurch forward onto it as it forced me to make that "heaving",almost throwing up motion. This only excited Master Brian and miss melissa as well.
never did i think my mouth or throat could be forced this far open.finally,as fluids poured from my eyes nose and mouth,Master Brian had enough of face fucking the little pansy and took his baseball bat of a cock from my cum dumpster.melissa moaned out with disappointment as she saw master withdraw that tool as she loved watching me get used in this fashion.but now it was her turn,Master pushed me away and forced miss melissa to her knees,then grabbing me by the hair,forced me back towards melissa,making me watch as this crossdressing sissy who now was my Mistress' boifriend take this mammouth cock into her mouth,i watched as that huge tool just disappeared into her waiting orifice,slowly,and like a fucking pro,melissa engulfed that cock until it was totally in her mouth,the whole time Master kept telling me,"see cunt boi,that is how a bitch takes a proper cock into her mouth hole,watch and learn fag boi"--
i was just in awe as i watched that huge tool dissapear into her mouth and throat,i remember thinknig,NO way could anyone take the whole thing,but melissa the cock whore showed me i was wrong,and ate that whole cock right down to the gigantic balls hanging below.when his whole cock was in the slut melissas mouth,this man forced me to kneel behind melissa,and start licking her asspussy,balls,and cock from behind as he face fucked his sissy bitch. i knelt on all fours,licking her asshole,balls and little cock making her squirm and moan onto that mamouth cock as she sucked cock like a pro.Master was moaning and enjoying every second.
Melissa,also enjoying her mouth service,pushing her tushy back into my face,arching her back when i licked her cock and balls,she began drippnig her slut juices all over,she was hotter than i ever remember her being when with Mistress,she obviously was a cock whore,when Master brain was done face fucking her,i heard his cock "pop" out of her mouth,and heard melissa moan in dissapointment,wanting more of that meat in her throat,but she was enjoying her licking,so didnt move too much,Master watched me perform on his bitch for a few minutes,then liftled her back to her feet,telling her it was time to mount and ride his cock,to which she squeeled out in excitement.Master sat on the couch,and ordered melissa to get on his lap,mount his tool,then ride him to orgasm,once melissa was inp lace,i was ordered to kneel in front of them,and lick Masters balls while melissa rode him,occassionally i was ordered to lick his cock all the way up to her gaping wide asshole,lick around its rim,then back down to his manly balls. melissa took every inch of that gigantic tool up her ass,it made me wince in pain watching it go into her asshole,so i couldnt imagine it shoving into my asshole,but she seemed to love every inch of it,and they both lvoed my mouth action as melissa rode him,then melissa started bouncing faster and harder,screaming with every down thrust,but she kept slamming down on to that monster of a cock,then i heard Master call her a dirty nasty slut of a whore,and she kept riding harder and harder,then i realized why master claled her those names as she slammed into his tool,melissa shot her sissy juices out of her little cock as she rode that tool,but no more than 2 minutes after shooting her sissy juices,Master groaned out in pleasure,grabbed her hips,and slammed his hips upwards into her ass,and the screams that came out of that mouth of hers made my cock twitch in its cage,but then i knew what happened,master shot his seed into her asspussy,he shot so much of it,that it began to drip out of her asshole as she kept slamming down onto him,his thick,warm man cum ran out of her asshole,and down the length of his man cock,and onto his balls,where i was told to lick it off and eat,i couldnt not believe that melissa was still riding that mamouth tool,even after shooting her own nasties,and making master cum,but she just kept riding and riding,as i knelt there licknig a mans cum off his balls,after it drained out of miss melissa's asshole!,

i knelt there,totally degraded,but still dripping hot,and the phone rang,i didnt dare move,as i knew better,i still had cleaning to do,the machine picked up,and i heard Mistress teresa---"slut,where are you and why didnt you answer my call??"---i quickly pulled away from masters balls and melissas ass,and started towards the phone to answer my Queen,but was stopped short by melissa,grabbing my arm---"dont you dare tell her that I am here bitch,or that Master Brian is here either,just tell her you were in the bathroom,got it cunt??"
"b-b-but miss melissa,i cannot lie to Mistress" i replied,to which i got slapped,and she dug her nails into my arm saying--"you tell her what I said cunt or you will get the beating of you life right now!"

i picked up the phone and immediately apologized to mistress for making her wait,i lowered my head and mumbled out that i was in the bathroom,sorry mistress---
mistress replied,"what are you doing cunt???are your chores finished???is your pussy being stretched out from that bigger plug???"
i started crying nito the phone,not because of her words,but because i didnt want to lie to my mistress ,i couldnt form words and just started balling like a baby,naturally after laughing at me,mistress caught on that something must be wrong and asked me to tell her what was going on??i tried to stutter out the reason,but melissa,the bitch that she is,grabbed the phone and hung up on mistress,i was in shock,then she slapped me,ordered me to my knees,and before she could get up from masters lap,the phone rang again,caller id showed it was mistress,to which melissa,answered,then hung up immediately,then she disconnected the phone from the wall,i tried to make her stop,but was stopped in my tracks by Master brian,then melissa told me i was now going to pay for my insolence,as i knelt there begging melissa to please tell me whats going on,she just kept slapping at me and telling master to pick my fagot ass up and force me to the bedroom,where i was to be punished severely,the whole time i begged melissa to please tell me why i couldnt talk to ma'am,why melissa didnt want mistress to know she was there,what was going on??master brian picked me up like a rag doll,carried me to the ebdroom,and threw me onto the bed like a bag of potatoes,and as i bounced back up,i got slapped so hard i saw stars.then again,then again,i must have passed out,because i dont remember anything after the third strike,except waking up positioned over the spanknig horse,and secured into place!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello all who view this fags postings!

Hello to anyone that reads my little fagots postings.
I am Mistress Teresa.
I am signing on today to ask ANY and ALL who happen to live in or visit the western Mass area if they are interested in visiting with Myself and my little queer of a sissy bitch.
If you are interested,just post a comment asking to speak with Mistress,and my little pathetic tiny dicked bitch boi will inform me of your post,and I will get back to you.
Be sure to leave an email addy for me to write to.
I am looking forward to using my cunt boi in front of strangers,as well as using and abusing other little sissy's while my fag kneel's besides them!(possibly teasing your little clitty's with his cumdumpster!)

CUM one CUM all.
This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to visit a true real life Mistress and her sissy fag bitch!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

back to the first time weekend story!!!part 3

Mistress and her friend had been gone on their weekend trip,and i had finished MOST of my chores,i still had a few smaller things to do,but Mistress wasn't gonna be home for a couple days,and i wasnt going to have a sissy sitter checking up on me,so i figured,i would take a break,relax,and have a cup of tea,after all,i really wasnt disobeying,or being a naughty sissy,the chores were done,i just hadnt done the ltitle things,like dry the dishes and put them away,put the vacuum away,fold the dish towels,,little things,i made my tea,and was sitting on the sofa watching tv,something i hadnt done in several months now,as i am not allowed to sit on the furniture without Ma'ams express permission,and i am not allowed to watch tv,unless Mistress wants me to watch a show with her,but being a naughty little fag boi,i was bound to break some rules while Ma'am was away,but these were not really BIG rules,just little things,so,as i sat there,going thru the stations,sipping my tea,relaxing,my heart exploded thru my chest,and i spit tea out of my nose,as i got scared shitless,i heard the sound of a key hitting the lock on the front door,--OMFG was all i could think,mistress was coming home to catch me misbehaving,and i am done,she will beat the ,you know what out of me,i jumped off the couch,spilling my tea everywhere,and immediately feel to the floor assuming the kneeling cunt position,knowing i was in trouble,and as the door opened,i was shocked yet again,here i was thinking Mistress was trying to catch me misbehaving,and it was not even Mistress,it was Miss Melissa,again,my heart jumped and skipped,she was not supossed to be here this weekend,Mistress told me outright that micheal(melissa)was not going to be around,and before i could even catch my breath,she walked right in,followed by a big muscle bound man in his mid to late 40's.
As i knelt there trying to gain my composure,melissa started first,-"what the hell do you think you are doing cunt?where you on the furniture?and watching Ma'ams tv,you know better than that bitch boi,does Mistress know what you are up to??" melissa said with a deviant and cunt like grin on her face,i tried to answer her,even though my mouth was dry and i was still shaking from being scared,"m-m-m-miss Melissa,w-w-what are you donig here tonight??",melissa cut me off screaming back at me,"none of your fucknig business cunt,now why the fuck aren't you over here properly greeting me?"--OMG,is all that came to mind,.i hated properly greeting miss melissa when Mistress forced me to and in her presence,but to have to do it when Mistress wasnt even home,and in front of a complete stranger,i tried to speak,but before i even mumbled out anything,melissa screamed again in an angry tone--"get that fagot ass over here and greet your Mistress bitch,or you will be beaten severely!",i could see her lips perch up and smile deviantly as she called herself my MIstress,but i didnt dare disobey,as this may be a test divised by my real Mistress,i quickly crawled to the door where melissa and her male friend were standing,and as i placed myself before Miss Melissa,i heard the man say---"oh my god melissa,your right,she is a little sissy bitch isnt she?",then they both laughed,but that was nothing compared to the laugh and sounds of contempt that came out of their mouths as i kissed miss melissa's heels,then as she turned,and offered me her backside,and i placed my face to the back of her skirt,and kissed loudly welcoming her to ma'ams home,but as the man laughed,melissa ordered--"lift that skirt pansy,kiss my ass properly,show it the respect it deserves from a pathetic fagot like you!"--i gently reached out and lifted her skirt,exposing her panties,then slowly lowered her pretty little panties over her cheeks,then again,placed my face between her cheeks as trained,inhaled deeply,almost gaging on her musky smell,and then kissing loudly and welcomnig her to ma'ams home again,the man was laughing really hard now,callnig me a pathetic little fairy,and sissy boi,i kept kissing as they both made fun of me for a few minutes,then melissa moved away from my kissing lips,and as i knelt there waiting for her to tell me what she was doing there,i felt the first of many slaps hit me,and as i curled up on the floor,realizing that it was melissa slapping at me,(the sadistic bitch loved hurting me and makingme cry),i heard her yelling at me with each slap,--"why are you not welcoming this big strong man into your Queens home cunt boi?you were trained better than this,you know you are to properly welcome ALL guests in this house,",she kept hitting and kicknig at me,as i tried to kneel up and kiss this mans boots,then i raised my face to his critch,and lightly kissed his crotch area,welcoming him to ma'ams home,and then was martified,when melissa reached out and undid his pants,turning him around,i was pushed into his hairy,male ass,smelling like a man does,i inhaled as trained but immediately gaged on his scent,then kissed his cheeks loudly,as i heard them both laugh,and also heard him tell her what a cunt i really must be,then i was left kneeling there as they both walked away from me towards the living room,i heard melissa yell back---"get us something to drink cunt,and be quick about it"--"yes Miss" was all i could stammer out as i got up,went to the kitchen and fetched them soemthing to drink,i brought their drinks to them in the living room,as they sat on the couch,after serving them,melissa ordered me to kneel on the floor between the 2 of them,all sorts of nasty thoughts were running thru my head,after sipping on her drink,melissa looked at me and said--"sissy,this is brian,Master Brian to you cunt,I told him i owned a little slave boi and he didnt believe me,now reach up here and caress his crotch area and tell him what a good little sissy cunt you are!"--melissa said as she watched to make sure i did exactly as she told me to,as i reached up to this mans crotch,i mumbled out,"but miss melissa,does Mistress Teresa know you are here??"--and this statement really pissed melissa off,because she slapped me with such force i fell over,and before i hitt he floor,i felt her high heels kicking at my chastity device,screaming at me very angry---"you pathetic little fucknig fagot,how dare you question me,i own you you nasty fucknig queer,shut that mouth or we will beat the fairy shit out of your punk ass",she kept kicking and hitting at me as she ordered me back to my knees to finish my orders,to rub master brians crotch and tell him what a good sissy slave i truly am,but i didnt move,i just laid there,crying,and saying---"you dont own me melissa,Mistress Teresa owns me,SHE is my MIstress,you are just her sissy boifriend she uses to humiliate me,now stop it,stop it right now or else,"--i do not know why i said what i said,i mean,yes,i wanted to say that only Mistress Teresa owned me,and I was HER slave,not this sissy crossdressing queers slave,but i just kept rambling on,which only made melissa really angry,i do not know how long she beat me ,but it was a long time,and i was really sorry i pissed her off after she got tired of hitting me,i just laid there crying and begging her to please stop,but i really made her mad,after she tired herself out hitting me,she sat down and rested,and i heard her tell this man to lift me to my knees,i wasnt sure he was gonna do it,because he never got invovled in the initial beating,but as i was trying to figrue this out,i was forcably lifted to my kenes by my hair by this big strong man,andplaced on my knees in front of the 2 of them,and slapped across the face harshly by his as he held me in place,it was a hit so hard,and so fierce,i saw stars,and thought i may have passed out,then as he held me in position hespoke to me in a calm voice---"now listen here you little fagot,I hit alot harder than this bitch here does,or your bitch Mistress can,so piss me off again,and I will show you what a TRUE beating is all about,got it queer?",then he just stared into my eyes,and i got his point,without having to have him hit me again,i could see he was dead serious,and it really truly frightened me,i started to shake and cry,quivering like a little girl,i mumbled out---"y-y-y-y-es S-S-Sir",as i sobbed,trying to catch my breath,he just held me in place forcing me to look at him,and i could tell this man knew what he was doing with little sissy bitches,and i believe he truly enjoyed hurting them while using them!,i felt his grip tighten on my shoulders,and started to get really scared,as he spoke to me again,waiting for me to get ahold of myself,"now little bitch boi,you are not the first little sissy I had to show who the boss was,"i watched as a deviant grin over took his face as he continued--"isnt that right melissa???",he paused as he glanced voer to melissa sitting next to him,i stole a quick glance and noticed that melissa now had that submissive look in her eyes and face,as she answered yes softly,then Master Brian continued with me--"so take it from me cunt,follow everything you are told,and you will not get hurt too much,but piss me off one more time fairy boi,and you will learn the meaning of true pain,am I understood cunt?"---i felt his grip tighten even more as he waited for a response,and still looking into his dominant eyes,i sobbed out,"yes Master Brian,I promise to behave,may i ask"--but i was cut short with a quick squeeze,making me know i wasnt allowed to ask anything just yet,i lowered my eyes sobbing,but this didnt suite Master either,he yanked my head backwards by my hair,and ordered me to look into his eyes unless told not to,and to keep my mouth shut unless ordered otherwise,--all i could do was mumble out softly,"y-y-yes Sir",looking into his dark deviant very dominant eyes,he let go of me,then stood up,taking melissa by the hand making her stand next to him,he looked back down at me and spoke,calmly,--"ok sissy,undress your superiors,make it sexy,and make us both very horny and want to keep you around,understood cunt?"--
"yes Sir" i softly replied as i reached out and undid his boots,removing them,as i looked up to undo his pants,i noticed they were now kissing,and he was grabbing melissa by her hair and pulling her face into him,i knew melissa had boyfriends when not in the company of Mistress Teresa,and so did Mistress,this Master Brian,must be one of those men,i lowered his pants and underwear,and was shocked to see his mamouth cock spring out,it wasnt that long,maybe 7 inches or so,but it was so fat i couldnt believe it,he was only semi erect,and his cock was fatter than my forearm,and his man balls hung so low and were as big as golf balls,i just stared at them in disbelief,i couldnt believe a cock and balls could be so huge,then i snapped out of it and then slid over and undid melissa's heels,but was stopped,and told to keep them on her,by Master brian--"she looks sexier with her heels on when I fuck her,so keep them on,just take her skirt and blouse off the bitch!"he said deviantly as he started kissing her again,making her moan like a girl on her first date,i lowered melissa's skirt,then reached up and undid her blouse,then took his shirt off as well,as they stood there,him naked,and melissa wearing only crotchless panties,stockings,garters,and a bra,i noticed that melissa's little she cock was springing to life as Master Brian manhandled her and kissed her,my tiny little cockette started to betray me as usuall,and i started making drippy messes running all over myself,even though i was in chastity,i still dripped a ton of pre cum,especially in a sexual state like this,as i stood there trying to make them feel sexual and sensual,i felt a hand reach out and caress my now soaking wet panties under my skirt,then i heard it---"oh my god,what a slut,what a complete fucking pansy of a slut,"giggling as she said this,she pulled her hand out and rubbed my nasty pre cum all over my face,as she continued--"this little bitch has wet her panties as she undressed us Master"--she had a coy look on her face as she spoke to Master,and he replied just as coyly--"well,what do you expect,she's a fagot slut,and we are both sexy as hell,cant blame the pathetic little dicked queer for making messes!!!"
i blushed like a pathetic fag boi as he called me a nasty little fagot,then i felt melissa take my hand and guide it towards Master Brians mamouth cock,she placed my fagoty painted figner tips on his cock and spoke to me in a demanding tone---"Now bitch,make my man hard for me,and make sure you do it properly,make that cock come to life before you kneel and kiss it like a good sissy does for his Mistress!"---my heart raced,and i got hot flashes as i touched this huge cock,gently running my pansy fingers all voer its length,no way could i wrap just one hand around its girth,this was a REAL cock,and i could not imagine myself taking it in my mouth let alone my sissy pussy,OMG this thing was huge!!i gently rubbed it,then guided my other hand to his great big balls,without even being told,and gently tickled them as i ran my fingers up and down his shaft,i heard him whisper---"oh good girl" into melissa's mouth as he kissed her and i gently toyed with his manhood,his cock grew bigger and fatter with each stroke,and his balls churned up tons of man pre cum with each tickle of my pansy painted finger tips,--his pre cum coated my fingers as i continued gently and slowly stroking him,i rubbed that pre seed all over his manhood,and balls,as i rubbed him,i listened to them get each other hotter and hotter,then as they broke for air from their hot and bothered kissing,i heard him speak,--"good cunt,now,keep ticklnig my balls,but tease my little bitches clit with your other hand,and kneel down where you belong as you do this bitch,keep behaving yourself and Maybe Master will give you a treat later!"--"yes Sir" i replied as i knelt in front of them as they went back to kissing and fondling,as i knelt there ticklnig his man balls and gently teasing miss melissa's clit,i knew how to get her hot,as Mistress Teresa had me serving her for along time now,so i knew just how to get her clitty foaming and jumping,i could hear her moaning into his mouth,as she humped against my hand,his huge man balls kept churning out his pre cum all over,dripping down the fat girth of that tool and all voer the place,even dripping off and onto the floor occassionally,when they were both so hot they couldnt stand it and both were dripping pre cum in the gallons,Master pulled away from my hand,took melissa,turned her taking her clit from my other hand,and shoved her ass harshly back into my face as i heard him say---"ok boi,now lick my btiches pussy and get her wet and lubed up for Masters cock,"then he went back to kissing her as i heard her moan in agreement,and push her little tush back into my waiting face,i gently opened her asscheeks up with my hands,and started licking at her rosebud,this isnt the first time i was forced to lick melissa's asshole,Mistress Teresa had made me lick her asshole on many occassions,but this was the first time i actually was making a hot drippy mess doing it,i was actually getting into licknig my Mistress' sissy boifriends asshole,all because a REAL Master ordered me to so he could fuck it with his baseball bat of a cock!i licked and licked,making her moan into his mouth in exctasy,they were both moaning in sexual glee,and i was actually getting into it,then melissa was pulled from me as my tongue was darting in and out of her asspussy,and within moments of having her asscheeks taken from my face,i was looking straight at the fattest cock i ever imagined,and then i felt melissa's hand on the back of my head pushing me towards that monster----"come on queer,open that cum dumpster of a mouth and show Master Brian what a good cock sucker I trained you to be" she said as she pushed my face towards that huge thing,i was scared to death that it would suffocate me,no way could i open my mouth that wide,no way could i take that thing in my mouth,just NO way,but i opened my mouth as far as i could,stuck my tongue out and let it dance all over the head,licking it up and down,licknig it all over,frightened to death to take that tool into my mouth,but eventually,they bored of my tongue job and ordered me to get his tool into my mouth,i opened as far as i could,afraid my teeth would scrape his manhood,i tried to get the ehad into my cum dumpster,but it was seriously too big,i tried and tried,but barely got just the head in,i moved my tongue around it,and hummed,and did everything i could to give him the best head i could so they wouldnt choke me with that thing,but then i felt his hands grab my head,and i knew what was coming,he was going to face fuck me,this man was going to shove that mamouth tool into my mouth,stretch my mouth open farther than it possibly can be,break my jaws,thats how big it was,seriously!!!
i wrapped my teeth into my lips to prevent scraping,and waited for my face fucknig by the largest tool ever I saw!!!his hands grabbed my head,then the shoving started,i heard melissa start to moan as she watched his tool disappear into my fagot cum dumpster,it opened my jaws to the point of cracking them,i moaned out in pain but that only made them both moan in glee,he just kept pushing and pushing,causing me to cry out into his cock,but that only gave him a nice sensation,and melissa loved watching me be abused in this fashion,she started tickling his huge balls as he piled drived my mouth,gaging and choking me,holding me in place as his man cock opened my jaws up and caused me to squeel in pain and soreness,never has my mouth been this open!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorry to interupt the weekend story but-------

i apologize to be interupting the story of when Mistress left me alone the first time,but Mistress demanded that i come on tonight and post about how and why i no longer need to apply certain make-up!Some make up i still need to apply daily,but as far as lipstick,blush,eye liner,eye shadow goes,i no longer need to apply these daily,and this is the reason. But first,why i was ordered to come on and post this humiliating tail,is because Mistress got very angry tonight when she came home,and found out that her sissy fag maid,cracked her favorite mug while doing the dishes today,so after a very sound spanking,and tit and nipple torture,as well as a long round of getting a dildo slammed into my sore fag hole while standing at the sink,crying,and stating over and over again that i will be more carefull while doing my owners dishes,all the while re-washing every dish in the strainer so Mistress could inspect on how i do it. Of course,after being soundly and harshly punished,and being brutally ass raped with a dildo,and verbally chastised while trying to do the dishes correctly,i of course made a few mistakes,and naturally i was very harshly corrected on all those mistakes.
After Mistress was thru punishing and scolding me,which ALWAYS makes her highness hot and bothered,i was naturally ordered to my knees,where i performed oral worship on her Majesty's beautiful treasure until she climaxed several times,at which point,Mistress kicked me away,and went into her bedroom,shouting at me to get back to my chores. about 30 minutes into dusting and wiping down the cupboards and such,Mistress came out of her bedroom yelling for me---"fagot,where the hell are you cunt???,get you queer ass over here NOW!",i actually jumped when Mistress shouted,and then quickly ran to her,bowed my head,and during my curtsey i was slapped and told to get on my knee's,i quickly knelt,and was about to beg Ma'am to please tell me what was wrong,when Mistress attached the leash to my collar,turned,and dragged me behind her back to her bedroom,once there,i was literally dragged by leash to her computer,where Mistress sat,and pulled me towards her,letting go of the leash and grabbing my hair harshly,yanking my head back and forth and forcing me to look at the screen,thru my tears i noticed Mistress was logged on to this blog,then Mistress spoke--"do you want to explain to me why this blog is such a mess you miserable pansy??",mistress said as she pulled tighter on my hair,i could heat the irritation in her voice,as she continued,"didnt I tell you to get your pathetic ass on here and fix all those damn typos??,didnt I cunt?",mistress made her point as she shook my head by my hair--"i tried to mumble out my apology thru my pathetic sobbing,but Mistress wasnt having any excuses,she just let me have it,verbally and physically,"shut that cum dumpster you miserable little pathetic loser,I told you that you will correct all these typos,and stop making so many mistakes when posting,how the hell do you think Mistress,her friends,and your Master Micheal are supossed to enjoy reading about your humiliating experiences,if we cant even understand what the hell you are writting about?you are truly worthless,you cant do dishes,you cannot do your chores correctly,you are absolutely pathetic in bed,you have a tiny little cockette,and the absolute smallest balls i have ever seen,let alone touched,and now,you cant even post a single blog without screwing that up,is there anything you can do properly you pathetic little queer??anything?"--mistress let go of my hair and stared at me deviantly as i cried,trying to hold back the tears and the humiliation,but i just couldnt,all i could do was stutter and mumble out my apology,but mistress had no interest in waiting for me to stutter away thru my sobs,she stood up,slapped me hard across the face and told me to shut up,walked past me,opened up her toy chest,and while doing this ordered me to remove my panties,--"oooooh,nnnooooo,p-p-p-please m-m-mmistwresssss,noooo,pwease",i begged,lisping like a fag,and crying,stuttering the whole time,Mistress was a true sadist,and a true deviant,and now i was going to be put thru even more discipline. when Mistress walked back to me,i had my panties in hand,and was kneeling again,i didnt expect nor was i braced for the next slap that hit my face,it knocked me side ways,and rang my ears,then i heard mistress yelling at me in a disgusted voice,as i felt her kick at me with her ebautiful foot,--"you disgusting pathetic little pervert,are those spooty stains in your pretty little panties?did you actually drip nasty pre spooties into your little pansy panties because your Mistress punished you??are you kidding me you nasty disgusting fagot,you actually dripped nasty fag filth into your pretty panties,staining them with your disgusting,nasty smelling,fag juice all because I punished you?"--Mistress was talknig to me with a very disgusted look on her face as she examined my panties,and she was seriously disgusted,i could see it in her eyes and her pretty face,i couldnt help but start crying now,not only because mistress was mad and was hitting me and yelling at me,but also because of the way mistress looked as she verbally scolded me,she seriously looked so disgusted she might get sick,it crushed me to think that my Mistress thought i was that disgusting and pathetic,i cried and cried,my words came out all mumbled and jumbled up,i could not form a complete sentance,mistress just stood there looknig at what was definately stains in my panties,and it was definately pre spooty,it wasnt real cum,as i am locked in my chastity and cannot get erect,but i do tend to drip ALOT of pre spooty when mistress chastises or punishes me,Mistress knew this,I know she knew this,but she was now making me feel 2 inches tall and truly pathetic for staining my panties just because i got disciplined,i knew Mistress was just trying to humiliate me,and actually doing a great job at it,but i still could not help crying,and even as i cried and sobbed like a bitch,being humiliated like this by my Mistress,holding my panties and maknig nasty faces,tellnig me how nasty my fag cream is,and how bad it smells,and thanknig god she never has to put it near her mouth ever again,how it used to make her puke and sick to her stomach all the time when i was acting like her master and made her put that nasty fag filth into her mouth,then into her tummy,how manytimes she threw up after i left,she just kept humiliating me verbally as i knelt there sobbing,and then it happened,all this humiliation,and being in front of the greatest Mistress ever created,even though she was being mean to me,it happened,my pathetic tiny little toy of a clitty started leaking yet again,which made mistress just break out laughing,she was laughing so hard at me she couldnt even slap me anymore,she could barely call me all those names,pathetic,loser,fagboi,disgusting cum whore,etc etc etc,then Mistress showed me what she had gotten from the toy chest,it was a 7 and a half inch dildo with balls,that squirted whatever was put into the resevoir,she also had a tube of warming gel,Mistress handed me the gel and told me to lube my fag hole,which i immediately did,and soon after,i felt the heat start to build up on my asshole,then she told me to lube the cock up as she walked out of the room,minutes later mistress came back with something from the frig,i was horrified when ma'am opened it,and removed 2 condoms,full of what looked like a gallon of sperm each,well not really,but i was horrified,and started to shake and quiver like a pansy,knowing ma'am had me lube my fag hole,meant this cum was going to be forced into my bitch pussy hole,and the tears started again,and the sobbing,and the stuttering,trying to beg Mistress to please not do this,please mistress,who's cum is that,please tell me,is it safe mistress,and all to no avail as Mistress told me to shut my fagot mouth and i watched as Mistress filled the resevoir with both condoms,i was scared to death,not knowing who's cum this was,seriously,i was shaking and sobbing,tears flowing,i was a mess,as i saw Mistress,her beautiful face,the deviant look on her gorgeous face,Mistress just loved doing this to me,maknig me frightened like a little school girl,making me cry,making me shake and quiver,unable to catch my breath,Mistress serious loved this,and i could tell she was getting herself all hot and bothered as she did this to me,then Mistress put the dildo on the chair in front of the computer,and spoke to me with a deviant tone--"ok girl,get up,you are to sit on that dildo,take it all the way into your fag pussy,and once you are sitting all the way down on its balls,you are to log onto the blog,and you are to post for all the world to see,why it is you no longer have to waste time in the morning putting on certain make up,understood fag?",my heart fell,my throat closed up,i shook even more,i became really flushed and hot,i couldnt believe mistress was going to make me do this,she knew it terrified me that people may find out,Mistress knew out of all my training,this was among the top 3 things that i hated the most,that i would rather be gang banged by a room full of men and have it video taped than to have this done to me,and now that it is done,i really didnt want anyone to find out,it is also the main reason i do not mind that i am not allowed out of the house,unless Mistress is publicly humiliating me,otherwise,i never leave the house,ever,but since this happened,i really do not mind,and actually prefer it,but mistress was now insisting that i tell the world about it,and i was terrified,shaking,crying,begging her to please not do this,i will do anything,please dont make me,but mistress just told me to shut my fagot mouth,sit on my dildo,and start posting,with a slap to my face and a shove on my shoulders making me sit harder on the dildo,i got her point,and stopped begging,it was decided,so now it was so!Mistress told me to call her before posting it,so she could squeeze the balls of my dildo,and fill my fag pussy with the cum from the condoms,i stopped protesting and began typing,and this is what came out so far,and now onto the point of this post!
After about 4 or 5 weeks of Mistress teaching me,and trainnig me daily to apply make up,and look my best,she grew tired of the fact that i just could not get it right,Mistress also got very upset on the day that she decided i was a lost cause as far as make up goes,because after she spanked and paddled me severely for not applying it properly,mistress noticed that all my make up had run,and it was taking too much time re-applying after every time her little fagot cried voer something,so,Mistress forced me to go on an outing with her,and when she pulled up to a tatoo parlor that one of her friends worked in,i thought i was going to die,no way was i going to go and get another tatooo,i was already tattooed on my ass proclaiming Mistress as my owner,and had cum dumpster written across the top of my ass cheeks,please dont get me tattooed anymore,i was shaking,crying,stuttering,but to no avail,as Mistress just attached the leash and forcably dragged me from the car,pullnig and dragging me into the tattoo shop,we were met by her friend christine,at which point,i was dragged literally,and froced into a back room where she would do some "private" work,where no one could see or hear ,and the door was closed,at which point Mistress kicked me hard in the ass,then forced me to the floor,tellnig me to greet Miss Christine,although i was crying,i managed to kiss this womans feet and say hello to her,usually i must kiss the ass of the person i am greeting,but this woman was a lesbian,and had no interest in a sissy fag boi kissing her shapely bottom,Mistress then pulled by the leash into the chair,where i was told to sit,and shut my mouth,and hush up stop acting like the pansy everyone thinks i am,stop being a baby or i would be put in diapers,which brought a laugh out of this womans mouth,which in turn humiliated me to tears again,after being put in the chair,i heard Mistress tell miss Christine that she wanted make up tatooed to my face,eye liner,blush,and lipstick,the lipstick she wanted to be a very deep cocksucker red,the eye shadow she wanted to be as sisyish and pansyish as possible,perferably a hot pink,and the blush she wanted pronounced,to make me look like the silly sissy i actually was,after all,Mistress knew i would never be passable anyways,so she decided i would be a silly looking sissy maid,a little fag bitch,as i sat there and cried and tried to beg her to please not do this to me,that i didnt want this to happen,please mistress,this is permenant,please dont do this,Mistress just laughed and told me I should have thought of that before i fucked up my make up training,and before i decided to be a cry baby all the time and ruin my daily make up,i heard christine ask mistress is she was sure,because these kind of tatoos cannot be removed,possibly the blush ones can be,but the rest would seriously never be able to be removed,Mistress just looked at me,smiled deviantly,and said---"thats ok,she's not a man anyways,and never will be,and I dont care wether they can be removed or not,I prefer they can never be taken off anyways!" my heart broke,i tried to beg but just couldnt,i could see that Mistress was serious about this,and that i was going to be tatooed for the rest of my life making me look like a silly little sissy,there was now NO way out,ever again,my fate was sealed,Miss Christine came to me with a paper and told me to sign this document,i didnt get a real chance to read it as my shaking hand scribbled my signature over it,but it looked like a release form,telling all who read it that i chose tio have this done,that i was not coerced into doing it,that i knew full well that it was forever,and that I chose to have these tattoo's applied,and the tatoo parlor could not be held liable for anything at a later date,that i made this decision after she made me aware they could never ever be removed---at which point,Mistress made a copy for her to keep,and christine put the other one away,,then she tied my hands and waist to the chair,and secured my head to the back rest,so that i could not move as she tatooed me,this took alot longer than it should have,because they had to keep stopping and punishing me for crying as miss christine applied the tatoos,but eventually,i was tatooed with lipstick,eye liner,blush and eye shadow,all the while miss christine and Mistress talked about all sorts of things,like this was nothing,almost like i wasnt even there,like alot of guys have make up tatooed onto them by their forcefull mistress',and by the way,it hurt like hell,my entire face was swollen for almost a week afterwards,my eyes were swollen closed,my cheeks were puffed out,and my lips almost swelled shut,but they swelled up so much Mistress started talknig about how good they looked like that and that maybe soon she would have my lips done to keep them that big,after this,i believed every word she said,and i still think to this day that she may have them done,so ther eit is,the world now knows,sissy fag bitch violet,the little pathetic sissy maid and plaything,owned by Mistress Teresa,has permenant make up tatooed onto her faggy sissy face,although i still have to aplly a little make up here and there,and at times Mistress puts other shades of lipstick over my "cocksucker" red shade,but this stuff can never be washed off,and doesnt fade that much,so for the rest of my pathetic life,i will be tatooed,not that it matter anymore,as i have come to embrace my forced situation,and almost look forward to my days servitude,use and abuse,it has become soemthing that i look at as my life now instead of looking at it as something i try to get out of and away from,i know now i have NO choice,i only amfrightened of the day that Mistress may get sick of me and dismiss me,throwing me out of her home,then what will i do,looking like this,i can no longer walk around trying to be a male,and i do not pass as a female,my only purpose is to remain a sissy maid,a pathetic faggy silly sissy maid and sexual toy for Mistress and her friends and lovers!!!

By the way,Mistress just came in,as i informed her i was now finished,and as i sat full weight on this dildo shoved into my fag pussy,stretching me open,making my fag hole even sorer than it was,mistress came in,reached between my legs,teasing me,looking me in the eyes with a sensual,sexual,deviant look,she even toyed with my chatity device as she ran her hands all over my crotch area,then,as Mistress saw my arousal peak up,and i started dripping from my tiny slit,I saw the absoluel deviance in her eyes as I felt her hand move,then I felt the first pulse of cum shoot deep into my asshole as Mistress squeezed the balls of this dildo,then she squeezed it again hard and I felt the second shot gush up into my bowels,then the third and final squeeze of these balls sent the remaining semen deep into my anal cavity,as Mistress laughed at me and made fun of me for taking the cum of a stranger into my asshole,which made me start to cry and beg her no,but then,for some reason,Mistress took pity on me,and told me the truth--"oh stop crying you pathetic fagot,that is Rons cum,and you know as well as I do that Ron is safe,hell bitch,you have had his cum in your mouth,and asspussy before,as well as shot all over you,so stop crying,it is eprfectly safe,I just find it funny that you are sitting on my dildo,getting your ass blasted with 2 HUGE loads of man cum,and you are crying about who's it is,LOL,what a bitch,by the way slut,each of those condoms had 2 loads a piece in them from a couple of the times I was with Ron,we filled the condoms,and refrigerated them quickly,so the little cunt could have something to eat,but Idecided that this would be more humiliating for the ltitle bitch,especially after you broke my mug,andstill have yet to fix the typos on the blog,now I understand that by the look on my cunts face that you probably made a few mistakes posting this evening as well,and because you have a pussy full of man seed,I will allow you to fix ALL the typos later,but you will fix them soon cunt,we do not want people reading about what a nasty fag you are,and cant make out how humiliating it is to you now do we???"--Mistress stated with a deviant smile,then laughed at the look on my face,it was obvious to her that i could feel the man seed flowing all around in my fag pussy,Mistress just got so excited by turning me into a complete homo,sheactually came in her panties when she squeezed that cum into me,she confessed to me later that evening as i knelt before her licknig her to many many orgasms,Mistress walked to the toy chest,got out my little pink sissy butt plug,came voer to me,told me to gently and slowly lift off the cock in my fag hole--"make sure none of that man seed drips out slut,take your plug and fill that hole immediately,make sure that seed stays put,other wise",mistress said very deviantly,looking into my eyes,crinkling up her pretty little nose and making a nasty disgusting face, as she continued--"you will have to eat everything that drips out of that fag hole,"laughing but still maing yucky faces at me she continued to verbally humiliate me,"now Rons cum tastes a hell of alot better than your nasty spooty does,but I am sure it wont taste that good after its been up your sissy little fag hole bitch,so keep it up there and plug yourself quickly!"--the look on Ma'ams face was enough to humiliate anyone,let alone a sissy fag like me,and anyone that had ever been assfucked,or for that matter any real woman that has been fucked in her glorious pussy knows,that it is impossible to move and keep every drop up that hole,so as soon as the dildo popped out of my fag hole,even though i squeezed tightly,and quickly put the sissy pink plug in place and pushed it harshly in,a huge glob of man seed spilled out of my sissy pussy and landed on the chair,Mistress laughed deviantly and with a smile on her gorgeous face said---"eeeewwwww,yucky,oh well,little girl will just have to eat her man seed after it has been up a fags hole,",Mistress laughed but also made nasty and disgusted faces and sounds as I scooped up the man jism,and fed myself as My Queen watched and made fun of me and called me nasty names and told em how pathetic I was to her,and of course as usual,remeinded me that no real man would ever be caught doing this stuff,especially eating a mans cum after its been up and oozed out of my own fag hole!--Mistress reattached my leash and told me that I was going to spend the rest of the evening worshipping her love holes,as she gently this time pulled me away from the chair by my leash,stopping short and saying,--"oh,well,you already have the taste of your nasty shit hole in your mouth and tummy,midas well lick and suck that dildo clean while I go get a drink and relax and wait for you to come lick me to several orgasms,so when you are finished cleaning your dildo,bring it into the bathroom so you can wash it properly after I go to bed,then get your pathetic fagot ass into the living room and kneel at my feet,face between my thighs and prepare to worship my treasure properly all night long cunt boi!",Mistress made a point of making more disgusted faces as shewatched me lower my mouth onto the dildo and laughed and make gaging noises calling me a pathetic cock whore and shit hole licker as she walked away,telling me as she left the room--"its a damn good thing you are a great pussy and asshole licker pansy boi,otherwise as pathetic of a loser as you truly are,I would have NO use for you and dismiss you immediately,then what would the fag slut do???I guess you would have to be a gay prostitute for the rest of your pathetic life,huh fag boi???"giggling Mistress walked away leaving me to lick my dildo clean,i am so ashamed of myself,i am so disgusted with how low i have sunk,seriously,i am truly a disgusting low life little worm and a true faggy sissy boi and sex toy,but i truly love and adore Mistress Teresa,so if this is the only way she will allow me in her life,then so be it!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Time Mistress went away for the weekend without her fag! part 2

once my sobbing slowed down,and Mistress had enough of her pet sissy maid crying into her bed,Mistress yelled from the hallway,"ok cunt,enough of your sissy sobbing,straighten yourself up,get those panties back up over that bruised bottom,and get your queer ass back to your chores before reporting for sissy bedtime!"the tone in her voice was some what irritation,i was hoping Mistress wasnt going to be punishing me anymore this evening,as my bottom hurt so very badly still from my previous beating,i quickly stood up from the bed,and pulled my soft pink sissy panties up over my bruised and battered bottom,even the silky material hurt as it ran over my cheeks,i cringed in pain as i straightened my panties and put my skirt back in order,not wanting to whine out and further irriate my Mistress,i held in my agony,i quickly replied out--"yes Mistress,thank you Mistress,may i be of assistance to Mistress before finishing my chores Ma'am?"--
Mistress replied "No slut,just get the chores done,Mistress wants to lay down,and rest,so keep your fairy ass quit as you finish up"

"yes Mistress" i replied softly as i went about finishing up my night time chores.
It was friday evening,and usually,when Mistress didnt have company,i was ordered to give Mistress a nice slow back and thigh massage and then perform orally on her beautiful treasure until she climaxed several times,kicked me off the bed,rolled voer and went to sleep,but Mistress didnt say anything before laying down to rest,so after finishing my night chores,i quickly went to her bedroom door,knelt,and softly knocked hoping not to be bothering my Queen or upset her,Mistress shouted out towards the closed door,-"what slut?"
to which i meekly and softly replied,"Mistress,your sissy is finished with the chores,is there anything Ma'am requires of her slut now?"i knelt quitly waiting for her reply,hoping mistress would allow me to orally worship her before bed time,but my heart fell as i heard her reply,"no bitch,just go into your sissy bed,be sure to wake Mistress 1 hour earlier tomorrow,as me and Miss Kim are leaving early,understood fagot?"
i replied heart broken as i hoped i was going to be able to lick my Queens magnificiant pussy that evening,and then be allowed to sleep at the foot of her bed,"yes Mistress,gn Mistress,sweet dreams my Queen",i then slowly walked into the other room,where i had to change into my sissy night gown,then get into my sissy bed,which was basically just a pink mat on the floor,a hot pink sissy pillow,and a little girls pink blanket with flowers all over it,i quickly changed,and put my hair up so as not to muss it up while sleeping,took my make up off,then turned off all the lights and slipped into my sissy bed,i hated not being able to be allowed to at least sleep at the foot of Mistress Teresa's bed,or even on the floor beneath her,i adored just being near my owner these days!i set my alarm to go off an hour earlier,as i get up an hour an a half before my Mistress as it is,so i cna dress properly,put my make up on,then make her breakfast and get her things ready before waking her,this night i would only get a few hours sleep,and i wouldnt even go to sleep with the great taste of my Queens nectre on my tongue and smell on my face!
i awoke the next morning,got dressed,made ma'ams breakfast,got all her things ready,then softly woke her up,after helping ma'am in the bathroom,which usually means kneeling between her thighs at the foot of the toilet as she pees,then licking the pee off her gorgeous pussy,asscheeks,thighs,and where ever else it may have splashed,i then kneel as Ma'am brushes her teeth,and what have you,then i crawl behind ma'am to the dining area,where after ma'am sits,i stand,and serve her breakfast,and then wait for any further orders,as Ma'am ate her eggs and toast,she spoke to me,"bitch,Mistress has decided that she is going to give you the chance to prove you can be a good girl and house pet,which means,I am not going to have someone stop by and baby sit you,but I am going to make sure Miss Melissa calls and checks on you regularly,understood pet?,--"oh yes Ma'am,thank you so much Mistress"i replied with glee,happy as hell Mistress was not gonig to have a stranger come by and baby sit me,humiliating me even further is at all possible,i knelt by her side now with a huge smile on my fag face as Mistress continued,"I am also leaving you a list of certain things you will do in my absence,which include you wearing your medium sized butt plug,which I know you are not used to having in your fag hole for very long,but you are going to train that hole to keep larger objects in it for longer periods for me,also,you will take ma'ams big strap on,secure it to the chair i am sitting in,and you will perform cocksucking lessons each and every night I am gone for 30 minutes,you are to give the strap on head,a hand job,then you are to suck it like you do my lovers cocks,and you are to get it as deep in that queer thraot as possible,and remember fag boi,MEN like to hear you gag and choke on their cocks,Mistress doesnt like it,so open that throat up nice and wide while you practice,there are also several other things on the list that you will do each day after you are finished with your normal every day chores,understood pet?'mistress shot me a glance with a deviant smile,as she watched my face go from happy to horror,Mistress just lvoed doing this to me,taking me from one extreme to the other in seconds,i submissively and softly answered,"yes Ma'am,b-b-b-b,yes Ma'am"---"but what fagot???was that a but you where gonig to add queer boi?" Mistress said to me in a deviant and very Domme voice,--"no Mistress,i'm sorry,its nothing,you are always correct,i apologize Mistress Teresa"---"bet your faggy ass I am always right bitch,now clean up this mess,then help me dress,bring my suite case down to the car,then get back to your chores cunt!"Mistress said to me as she stood up and walked towards her bedroom now finished with breakfast,",I wuickly got up from my kneeling position,cleaned up the breakfast dishes,then reported to Mistress to help her get ready,when i got to her bedroom,my heart jumped,and even though still locked away,my tiny little pee pee jumped and tried to get all hard in its cage,i couldnt believe the sight i was seeing,Mistress was standing there,already dressed in her under things,and she was wearing the sexiest lingerie i had ever seen,her gorgeous firm tits sticking straight up,and the nipples peeking out thru the peek a boo holes,the crotchless panties opened up just right to give anyone looking a sight of the most beautiful pussy ever created,her goreous tanned thighs and legs covered with natural stockings,held in place by a sexy garter belt,her beautiful feet encased in the stockings showed her painted toenails,Mistress was a sight to behold,she could make a gay man hard and drip just by sight,Mistress could give a dead man an erection,that is how beautiful and sexy she truly is,Mistress is so sexy,charming,and gorgeous that she even makes straight woman wet in their panties looknig at her,that is how truly amazing this woman is,Mistress must have noticed me just standing there staring at her,and after allowing me a bit of a show,like turning slightly and offering me a view of her gorgeous ass cheeks,so firm,so lovely,a true work of art,and the seat of her power,Mistress seriously has the most perfect ass ever created,any man that didnt immediately get hard or want to kiss and touch it,had to be dead,even gay men loved that shapely firm gorgeous ass of hers,giving me a second to adore the seat of her power,slightly bending at the waist,Mistress looked over at me,and deviantly said--"what the hell ae you ,looknig at fagot?you know this is only for real men,and you certainly are not a real man are you pet?"Mistress said this as she straightened herself up,and with a coy tone,knowing she was killing me,i quickly averted my eyes,bowed my head,and meekly mumbled out,"no Ma'am,i am not a real anymore,i am just your pet",i was cut short with a snicker from Mistress,"anymore"anymore??ANYMORE fagot??,you were never a real man bitch,look how easily Mistress turned you into the fagot sissy maid plaything you are today,so little bitch,sorry to burst your bubble,but you were never a real man,just a little sissy fag waiting for the right woman to come along and take control of the cunt!"Mistress said to me in a very deviant and humiliating tone,then ordered me to help her put on her clothing,which was the shrtest mini skirt i ever saw her wear,and a soft see thru blouse and a set of nice little heels that complimented the outfit,i was just stunned at how short the skirt was,ma'am beautiful asscheeks peeked out the bottom of it,and you could see her nipples thru the blouse,i was amazed,cuz Mistress never went out in public like this,and Mistress must have noticed this look on my face,because she spoke as i strapped up her heels--"Mistress wants to look like a little slut for these young studs we are meeting pet,this is why I am dressed like this,and Miss Kim is dressing just as trashly my little bitch,these young bulls are gonna blow their first of very many loads right into their pants the second they see us!"Mistress said matter of factly,and i agreed,no man could contain his load seeing my mistress dressed this way,NO MAN NO HOW!--when ma'am was dressed i took her suite case down to the car,i hated going out dressed like the sissy fag i now was,but i was getting used to it,and i am sure ma'ams neighbors were getting used to seeing a fag sissy maid around by now!,as i was just shutting the trunk and turning to go back into the house,Miss Kim pulled up,honknig her horn,loudly,and several times over and voer,i could see her laughing,this woman just loved humiliating me,she kept honking and honking,hoping i am sure,that all the neighbors would look out to see what the comotion was,and get a look at Mistress Teresa's sissy maid,i tried to quickly walk back to the house,but just as i got to the door,Miss Kim shouted out--"hey fagot,stop right there,get that fairy little ass back here,i have some things for the sissy bitch to bring in to her Mistress!",kim shouted loudly,trying her best to humiliate me in public,i saw Mistress look out the window and she had a smile on her face,so i knew i wasnt getting any help from her,i also saw the neighbor on the left look out,shake his head,and close the blinds,i turned a thousand shades of red and i quickly minced back towards Miss Kims car,she had a look of total and utter contempt on her face as she looked at me,shaking her head she spoke with nothing but contempt in her voice,--"how fucknig pathetic are you,i cannot believe Teresa ever allowed you to be her boyfriend,what afucknig joke you are,a total sissified pansy joke!" Miss Kim finished with a shake of her head as she threw a package at me telling me to bring it to my Mistress,the package was no larger than a big envelope,something she could of obviously put in her pocket and brought in herself,but ever so obvious was the fact that she only intended on humiliating me,and calling me names,hoping the neighbors would catch a glimpse of Ma'ams pathetic pansy sissy maid,i took the package and curtsied quickly saying,"yes Miss Kim,thank ma'am",then tried to hurry back to the house,but as trained,i never walk in fron of a domme,and i am always to wait for them and open doors for them,so i had to go at her pace,which was slower than a snail,seriously,first off she took her sweet assed time dilly dallying around by the car,looknig in her purse for nothing at all,just making me stand there,being seen by all passersby,then she walked to the door very slowly,the whole way claling me names and verbally humiliating me,also informing me as to how well mistress is going to be fucked and used this weekend,kim had such deviance in her voice as she did this--"you seriously are pathetic,nasty little small dicked fagot,no wonder Teresa is going away with me this weekend to get fucked and used by 2 of the hottest studs you ever saw,but you would most likely just want to suck on their huge fat man cocks huh sissy gurl??little fucking queer!",miss kim said as she laughed and shook her head,as we reached the front door,i reached out to open it for Miss Kim,but Mistress opened it before i could,--"I am ready to leave fag boi,make sure you behave yourself,like a good sissy fag!",pausing slightly to look at kim and giggle,as i heard kim chuckle at my humiliation,then ma'am continued,"dont forget the list on the table of other things you are to do,and also bitch,I think this weekend you should go thru all my winter clothing,sew and make repairs to any item that needs it,wash them all again,then put them away for the up coming winter months,also cunt,dont forget Master Micheal will be calling to check up on you,you had better be having yourself and act like a good little sissy house pet!",my heart,already racing,jumped and my throat closed up a bit,as Mistress told me these things standing outseide,but i knew she was just playing along with kim's humiliation game,also,i hated that melissa was called my MASTER in front of anyone,especially miss kim,as she always laughed her little ass off when she heard melissa called my Master,or any man called my master,seeing how kim knew of my past relationship with Mistress and that i thought of myself as her Master,and she also knew of all my previous relationships with submissive women,Mistress told her all about how i thought i was a man and a dominant master,so kim loved humiliating me with this,and laughing at me when i was told about having not only a master,but a sissy crossdressed master that was now sleeping with my love of my life and ex slave!kim always took this opportunity to ask me humiliating things and then laugh at me for being so pathetic---"so cunt,what it is like to have to kneel to your Mistress' boifriend and call him Master as he rams his cock into your face??"kim said deviantly as she giggled,continuing,"what kind of woman would ever submit to such a faggy assed sissy cock smoker like you???no offense Teresa,and at least you did something about it,but can you imagine,submitting to this pole smoking cum dumpster of a queer sissy boi?"laughing at me,both of them turned and left,Mistress looking back over her shoulder and yelling towards me---"you make damn sure you keep that fagot ass in the house pet,and follow your rules cunt,or there will be hell to pay!now go do your chores,dont forget to get out the bigger butt plug first pansy girl!",i heard them both laughing as they got into the car and i quickly got back into the house,humiliated to almost tears,knowing that all the neighbors,as well as many passerbys not only seen me dressed this way and treated like a nasty fagot slave,but also many of them most likely heard mistress andher friend say these things to me,especially how i must go shove a bigger butt plug into my asshole before doing the house work!
i was finnaly in the house safe and secure,but i hadnt even gotten to plugging myself,when i had this strange feeling run over me,i thought i would enjoy being in the house by myself,but strange thing is,mistress wasnt even off the street yet,and i already missed her dearly,even is she was being mean to me this morning,i missed her dearly already,and she isnt even half way out of town yet,i knelt there with the medium plug in my hand lubing it up with warming gel,thinknig of how this was effecting me,actually missing being treated like this,then i slowly pushed the tip of the plug into my fag hole,opening myself up,i was used to be used anally by now,even haven taken real cock up my ass now,but the size of this plug frightened me,and stretched my poor tight little hole to its limits,making me feel like it was tearing me apart,usually i could slip my butt plug into place andhave my panties back up and be on my way to doing chores all in less than a minute,but this was taking forever,the plug was ripping me open,stretching me to no end,i slowly and with little force,pushed and pushed,trying to relax and open myself up,i just couldnt get over the fact htey called this a medium plug,yet the enormous size of its girth opened up fag bois like me to the point of tears!!finally,after a very long time of coaxing this massive thing into my fag hole,it slipped passed the bulbous middle,and tucked itself into place firmly up my now sore and throbbing asshole,it was hard to move after pushing this huge thing into myself,but i managed,barely,slipping my panties back up,damn i could feel this thing fillnig me up,making me feel like a had a friggen football up my queer hole,then i slowly walked,barely that is,towards the kitchen to start my daily chores,i could feel each and every step in my asshole,every time my cheeks swished passed each other as i minced like the queer i now was,the plug would move,and cause me alot of discomfort,damn i hope this thing loosens me up and starts to at least feel some what comfortable!!!my weekend hasnt even begun and i am off to a very slow start,and feel as though some one drove a car up my ass,but at least no-one was going to be here baby sitting me,and no-one would be stopping in to use the sissy fag,not until monday morning,when Mistress was slated to return!!!