Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be carefull what you wish for fellow sissy's and fags!!!

Trust me fellow fag bois and sissy maids,be very carefull what you wish for!!!
Nothing got me hotter and more excited,then when Mistress Teresa and i were "playing" in bed,long before she took me and totally broke me,making me her full time slave,we would be cuddling,"playing",Mistress generously playing with my tiny cockette and baby balls,making nasty pre spooty spill from them,all over her pretty hands,and all over me and the bed as well! Nothing,would get me hotter,then when Mistress would start talking about how she was going to feminize me,make me into her sissy or fag boi,then force me to service her and boyfriends,or bring real men over to and abuse me in fornt of her,it would make sissy milk drool from her little play cockette by the gallons,fantasizing about living the rest of my life as her sissy house maid,faggy house boi,and servant,and little plaything!And Mistress enjoyed it as well,she would cum non stop as i worshipped her gorgeous treasure with my mouth as she fantasized about using and abusing me in front of real men,other females,other sissy's,and even bringing gay men home to use me as she watched and verbally humiliated me!
Well fellow fag bois and sissy gurls,its great and all fun and games when it is just a fantasy,but when your Mistress truly breaks you,I mean totally and truly humbles you,either by locking your little sissy stick up in chastity then manipulating your prostate with a dildo or her finger making you spill and drool gallons of nast sissy filth out of a soft cockette(and trust me gurls,that is a very,VERY humiliating experience,to be forced to make huge drooling messes by your Mistress probing your asshole,and your clitty is soft,you wont be able to look at Ma'am in the eyes again for a very long time!),or the first time Mistress forces you to your knees to lick and worship the cock of a real man she brought home,either her new boyfriend,or just a man that enjoys using little fag bois mouths for cumdumpsters,sure,you will be all hot and bothered thinknig abgout it,leading up to it,then the reality will sink in when Mistress opens the door and a big strong man walks in,and Mistrss hugs and kisses him in front of you,then reaches down,unzips him,and takes out that mamouth real cock and heavy sagging balls,strokes it a few times,looking directly into your eyes,then orders you to begin your duties,and give Ma'ams new boyfriend the ebst BJ he ever got or it'll be your asshole that gets used harshly,and nothing is more humbling then when this real man makes fun of you,and calls you names,tellnig you to suck his real cock like the cheap whore you are,all the while your Mistress,the lvoe of your life,is kissing him,holding him,and laughing at you!,and then the reality truly sinks in as Mistress forces your mouth onto that huge cock,and you get your first taste of real man spunk,NOT sissy seed,NOT the nasty filth Mistress has been training you with,you nasty disgusting spooty that she gave up swallowing ages ago,NO slut,now you are tasting a real mans seed,and trust me sissy,real men do not taste like us little fag bois and sissy's,they have a totally different taste and texture,well,after all,that is why your Goddess sucks his cock and swallows his seed and not yours,because his seed is much much better,and tastes more like cum then your terrible nasty spooty does!
i was thinknig about this exact thing as i was kneeling on the floor,between the legs of a man that Ma'am brought home last night,then after playing with and kissing him in front of me,making me very jealous but also very hot,then Mistress took his cock out of his pants,it wasnt a HUGE or overly thick cock,as a matter of fact,i found it to be very small and thin.and was surprised Ma'am would waste her time with such a little thingy,as i watched her pretty little hands and fingers stroke and manipulate this mans cock and little balls,making a drop of pre cum form at the head,Mistress snapped her fingers,pointed to the floor in front of this man,and ordered me to "Nurse on this mans cock like a baby bottle while they kissed and he sucked her gorgeous tits!"
i really hate being ordered to "nurse" on cocks,and Ma'am knows this,not onlybecause it is very humiliating to have this said to me in front of a real man,but also because it is a very humiliating act,to take a mans cock head into your cum dumpster and then non stop sucking motions on it while Mistress enjoys the rest of him,constantly reminding you what a little pansy you are,keeping non stop nursing motions on a cock head,swallowing every dropplette of pre cum that oozes out of it,of course Mistress will order me to fondle and tickle his man balls as i nurse,which of course makes more and more pre cum drip into my mouth,and down my throat,trust me girls,this may seem like a hot fantasy,but it is a very humiliating act,to nurse on a real mans cock and tickle his balls,as the love of your life straddles him and kisses him passionately,or he fondles her great body,all the while he is coating your mouth,tongue and throat with his pre cum!
After Mistress humiliated me enough to her satisfaction with the nursing,Mistress took this man to her bed,and ordered me to kneel outside the door,and listen to how a real man satisfies a woman,which i found only slightly odd,as Ma'am usually makes me watch a real man fuck her and have sex with her,especially if ma'am is going to perform orally on theman,she loves humiliating me by looking into my eyes as she deeps throat a big man cock,then licks her lips,or shows me her open mouth with pre cum all over her tongue,which any gurl will tell you,is VERY humiliating,when the love of your life sucks a cock in front of you,and enjoys it,swallowing his cum and making yummy noises,knowing Ma'am never does this to your pathetic little clit anymore!as i knelt the by the door,and listened to Mistress moan and groan in pleasure,hearing her tell him to eat her pusssy,lick her asshole,pount her cunt with his man meat,cum on her face,cum on her tits,etc,etc,all the while,jealous,and almost crying,listening to this man enjoy my Mistress,his grunts and moans,also hearing him say things like "yeah,suck my cock,oh yeah bitch lick my balls,",i always hated hearing men talk to my Mistress like this,especially knowing they are enjoying her,and she is enjoying them,after they both had cum,the door opened,and this man stepped out,laughing at me as he pushed his way by me,then i heard my mistress command,"he needs to piss slut,follow him th=o the bathroom and hold his cock,then lick the last few drops off the head,or allow him to shake it into your face,whatever he desires cunt!",i replied yes ma'am,and crawled in after the man,laughnig at me as i reached out,took his semi soft cock in my little faggy hand,then directed it at the toilet as a stream of piss shot out,then after the last couple squirts,i reached in to lick the drops off as ordered,but this man grabbed my hair,held my face back,took his cock,and laughed deviantly as he shook the last few drops onto my face,then slapped my in the mouth with his soft cock and shoved me away from him,returning to the bedroom,i knelt there with piss on my face,MAN piss,then got ahold of myself and crawled back to the bedroom door,where i heard Mistress order me---"ok cunt,get in here and clean us both,he must leave now,so start with him bitch!",my heart always falls when i hear my Mistress' beatiful voice order me to clean off one of her lovers after he has enjoyed her beautiful sex,i crawled onto the bed and heard him giggle deviantly and mumble some naughy names at me,and heard my goddess laugh as i started licking his cock clean of her juices,once his cock and balls were clean,i heard the order that always makes me cry,and wince in shame,---"good job cockwhore,now I believe Mistress spilled some of her cum down between his thighs and all over his muscular ass,so get that face into his ass and clean it out good boi!"---sobbing,i lower my face further,totally red in shame,as this man laughs and ridicules me,as my tongue licks out and licks his thighs,asscheeks and even his manly asshole clean of all the sweat,dirtiness,and ma'ams juices,by now i am sobbing in shame,i am totally humiliated and degraded,and when Mistress senses this,she commands me to stop,help him get dressed,then escort him to the door so he can leave,then get my pansy ass back there to clean her treasure out good---once dressed,this man looked at me in the face,as he leaned in,kissed Mistress on the mouth,gropping her glorious tits,all the while looking at me,knowing he was degrading me,then gave her another quick kiss and said---"anytime you wanna humiliate this fagot again,gimme a yell,you are one great piece of ass!"--my heart skips abeat,i wanna kick this guys ass,but i am just a sissy fag boi servant,Mistres shas the right to have sex with anyone she desires, but i hate having to listen to them talk to her like that!as i escort him to the door to leave,he laughs at me,calls me a fagot and a queer,then tells me---"have fun eating my spunk out of her cunt you pathetic queer!",and actually had the nerve to stand there and threaten to kick my fairy ass if i didnt thank him for saying that,i was flush with anger,and also shame,but i lowered my eyes and meakly said---"thank you for pleasuring my Mistress Sir,and thank you for leaving a load of man seed for me to eat!"--i could hear him laughnig the whole way out to his car,as the shame washed over my body,i crawled back to my Goddess,where she was laying on the bed,legs spread wide,--"OK fagot,get in here and eat your daily feed,"--laughing at me as i crawled onto the bed---"what a good slut you are,come on pansy gurl,eat your cream pie,clean Mistress out good,inside and out,make sure none of his seed is left in me,and btw slut,dont know if you heard while you were kneeling outside,but this man was small enough in the dick department that Mistress allowed him to enter her bottom,and he fucked my asshole nice and hard for me just like I have needed,but all my boyfriends are way to big to let up there,so you get a nice little treat tonight queer boi,you get to rim out your Queens shit hole until that is spotless as well!"--now get to it cunt!
i gotta admit,i truly LOVE licking,sucknig and cleaning Ma'ams asshole,it is a true work of art,she has the best ass on the planet,even when it is dirty i love to worship it,but nothing can humiliate a fag boi faster then to get what his heart desires,to lick his Queens asshole,and find that it tastes like another mans cum!
so,as i have said before,Mistress enjoys keeping me dressed as a faggy house boi more aften then as a sissy,but alot of times she will sissify me just to remind me that i am nothing but a sissy/fag boi servant that belongs to her,plain and simple,she will do what she pleases with her property,and what pelases her lately,is to keep me dressed,and acting like a little fairy limp wristed faggy house boi!!
Mistress gets her kicks off alot by dressing me up in tight,very tight hot pants,crawling up my ass crack,of coruse shaved legs,as i am not allwoed any male hair regardless of being as a sissy or a fag house boi,a tight cut off shirt,and little girl heels with white humiliating socks,just to make me look even sillier,she will make my hair up all femmy and faggy and some times like a little girls,with pig tails and such,then she will take me to a rest area near our town,and make me walk back and forth up and down the drive way of the rest area,and watch as men hit on me,or call me names,most of the time,they want me to climb in the car,or truck and suck them off,sometimes they take me into the rest room and bend me over the toilet and ram me good and hard,and after each time i must report back to Mistress waiting in the car and inform her as to what happened,and if they rammed my sissy cunt,then i must show her the condom,and place it into a bag she holds out,for her to humiliate me with later,then clean up,and back to walking up and down like the sptreet walking cock whore she urned me into!i still have not acquired a taste for male seed,or started to enjoy cock in my ass,and lately,Mistress likes the fact that i do not like it,she says it makes me a better whore,that she doesnt want me enjoying a mans cock up my ass or in my throat,that it is not a reward,it is soemthing to amuse her,and sometimes make her quick cash,but definately not something i am to start enjoying!which of course makes it even more humiliating now,knowing that Mistress doesnt want me to like it in my ass or in my mouth,that it is just to amuse her and make her laugh or to make her a couple extra dollars when she pimps me out,which Mistres sknows i hate,i literally break down and cry like a little baby when Mistress exclaims that she is pimping me out that night,and that i am to make sure i am a good ltitle cock whore because he paid good money to use my mouth and asspussy---i literally cry right up to the point where she drops me off at his place,or at the motel,then i am to be used the entire night and mistress isnt even there to watch,or even make it "seem" like i am being forced to do it for her,i ma just a gay fagot prostitute sucking and taking cock up my ass for money,money that i must give to my Mistress!and also must bring home the used condoms so Mistress can humiliate me by making me "chew" on my "cum gum" as she scolds me for being a nasty little cock whore and fagot!

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